Daily Tutorial - Day 9 - Shading makes the sun shine

Adding shaded areas to your drawings will turn your drawings into master pieces.
Shading is one of my favourite things in colouring. But I take a slow pace because too much shading can ruin everything.
So with a light hand and delicate layers of greys, blues, browns and eventually even a little bit of black, I will try to let the sun shine in my drawings!


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Download the FREE PDF and colour with me!


  1. You are without doubt the Queen of Colouring.
    Have you thought of approaching Johanna Basford's publishers suggesting a book of
    how to colour the Secret Garden or better still a book in your own right showing how to colour like Henny van Snoo van Breugel. The gap in the market is there for the taking and who better to fill it than you. Everyone I show your colouring to reacts in the same way, 'Oh my God, I'd love to be able to colour like that!". Are you actually related to The Breughel brothers?

    I think you could become an international success and you deserve to be. You've given me and everyone in the adult colouring world so much delight and pleasure just looking at your art work and I can't thank you enough for this series of tutorials in which you share the secrets of your technique. your english is terrific and I like your very dry sense of humour. You have answered every question I have about how to colour like you.
    But may I ask one thing, would you post a printable copy of the drawing you made for your tutorial so that I can print it out and follow you step by step. I tried to take a screen grab but its the wrong angle and I can't draw to save my life. Thank you once again you have something very special it's generous hearted of you to share it. Pete Ockeghem

    1. Thank you for all these compliments!
      I would love to make a book about colouring techniques and I have this feeling it might actually happen!
      But first I need to finish this tutorial...

      According to my uncle, all Breugels are related, so he thinks our family is related to the old Breughel painters family. But I never found evidence when I researched my family tree.
      Arts do run in the family though, my brothers and sisters and a lot of my nieces and nephews are artists, architects, musicians, or are at least very talented in those fields.

      I happened to make a drawing for a reprintable copy yesterday! It will be online soon! I promise!


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