Colour Along Instruction Project

Welcome to the Colour Along Instruction Project!

In spring 2016, my husband told me I should make a colouring book. But there were so many beautiful colouring books available already. So I decided to create a colouring course for coloured pencil.

With this Colouring Course you will learn the following:

-Layering and blending with coloured pencils
-Shading techniques
-Using reference photos,
-Using real things like leaves, flowers, chestnuts, as a reference
-Choosing your colour scheme
-Using erasers in a different way
-Combining different pencil brands

This package has 12 drawings, 1 for every month of the year.
At least 4 instructional videos for every drawing. There are already over 50 videos in total, and more videos will be added to this colouring course, as students can ask for help while enjoying this colouring course.

The videos are exclusively available online for people who buy this package of 12 drawings. The videos will be online forever and you can watch them whenever you want!

List of drawings and information about instructional videos:

1. Spring Flowers - 5 instructional videos, in total 3h58m of video
2. Pot of Flowers - 4 instructional videos, 3h5m
3. Cherry Blossoms - 4 videos, 1h47m
4. Birdhouse - 4 videos, 1h54min
5. The Door - 5 videos,4h34m
6. Roses - 4 videos, 3h6min
7. Fruits - 6 videos, 5h4m
8. A Red Squirrel - 5 videos, 4h21m
9. Autumn Treasures - 4 videos (not all of them are online yet)
10. Autumn Leaves - 4 videos, 3h16m
11. Birdhouse with snow - 4 videos (not all of them are online yet
12. Toadstools - 5 videos, 3h8min

The drawings are printed on 300 grams 100% recycled paper. Size 21x21 cm, that is 8.2x8.2 inches.

The drawings come in a cardboard box. You will also receive instruction on how to get access to the online tutorial videos.

You will be notified once your package is being sent to you.

This Colouring Course is an individual course, but you can join our special group on Facebook. Access to this group will be given to you after purchasing the Colour Along Instruction Project.

You can buy this colouring course in my Etsy Webshop.


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