Monday, 15 February 2016

Books for drawing and painting

I have a lot of books about drawing and painting. And I have a lot of books about nature as well.
In this video I show you the three books I use a lot at the moment.
All three books are also available in english or a similar book is available.

The Nature Guide I showed in the video is one with plants and animals from Western Europe.
You may prefer a nature guide with plants and animals from where you live.

A nature guide for the USA is available on the second page in the book section of the WEBSHOP USA.

There are also great guides in German and French. I have some German books about nature. They are great books!

In the UK there are many nature guides, for examples this series of Collins Complete Guides:


The second book I show you in the video is also available in English. Go to the article about The Watercolour Flower Artist's Bible for more information about buying the book.

The third book is also available in English, but as three separate books. There is also a combined version of the three books available in Dutch. Click HERE for more information about buying the books.

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