I want to keep Passion for Pencils available to as many people as possible.
That is why I decided to put most of my videos and all my articles on YouTube and on this blog.

Because I decided not to use a payed platform like Patreon, where viewers need to pay a monthly fee to watch the videos, I hardly make any money.
So financial support would be very welcome!

If you want to support Passion for Pencils, there are several ways of doing that:

Donate via PayPal:
You can make a donation via the button below.
I will use the money to make more videos and improve both the videos and the website.

Click the button below to make a donation:

Support by using the Amazon product links:

In the articles on this blog you will find Amazon affiliate links.
When you want to make a purchase, use one of these links when you .
You will help Passion for Pencils without you paying anything extra!
Amazon will send me gift cards which I can use to purchase art supplies, recording equipment, etc.

Buy in my Etsy webshop:

There are several templates you can buy in my Etsy webshop. I use
these templates in several tutorial videos on YouTube. More tutorials will be added in the near future.


And there is another way...:

This fourth way of supporting Passion for Pencil is a way you viewers invented: you started sending me pencils, colouring books and drawing tools. I am very greatful for this way of supporting me and the new stuff I receive from you allows me to make 'first impression videos', reviews, etc.
If you feel like you want to send me stuff, send an email to and I will send you my address.


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