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My name is Henny de Snoo-van Breugel. I live in The Netherlands with my dear husband Marc, and I'm working as a vocal coach. 
I sing in a choir, I sometimes sing as a soloist, and I love hiking, watching wildlife, and being creative.

I studied architectural engineering and worked for an architectural consultancy.
After a couple of years I started studying music and classical singing and eventually started my own voice studio. 

Besides music and nature, I've always loved drawing and painting. Coloured pencils are my favourites. Last year I bought Johanna Basford's amazing colouring book Secret Garden and I'm addicted to colouring now! My 'colouring office' is my bed. I love colouring before I go to sleep. It is so relaxing.

I decided to write a blog about my passion for pencils, so you can see what you can do with a set of pencils.
I hope you'll enjoy!

If you have any questions you can leave a comment or send an email to hennydesnoo@gmail.com.

Henny de Snoo-van Breugel


  1. How in the world do you color in bed? I would love to color in my big comfy chair while my family watches TV. How do you get good light, flatten a book, reach supplies, etc.? Thank you for this blog, I have watched many of your YouTube videos. I relax and remember to take all the time I want for very small patches.

  2. I should imagine Henny does a dedicated area when in bed. That way she would have just a few pencils and maybe an eraser and blender. You can buy small daylight lamps that are very good and clear; even mini ones that clip on the edge of the book.


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