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The Monster Manga Coloring Book - A Review

About two months ago publisher Harper Design contacted me with the request to review one of their new colouring books.

The last couple of weeks I have been doing a lot of testing with different types of media, such as coloured pencils, felt tip pens and markers.

I have to put a disclaimer here, because I am not experienced in the drawing and colouring techniques that are often used in styles like Manga, Fantasy, and other Japanese drawing styles.
So I tested and coloured in my own way.

The Monster Manga Coloring Book is 24cm x 22cm  or 9.5inches x 8.5 inches.
It has almost 90 pages to colour.
There are different styles in the book, like manga, fantasy, monsters, robots, and other Japanese drawing styles, so the book can be fun for a wide range of colouring enthousiasts.
The quality of the drawings is pretty high. The artists who made these drawings are well trained and put both very detailed drawings and more sketchy drawings in the book.

The paper is pretty thick, smooth and white. …

A green leaf twice on different types of paper

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My Enchanted Forest copy has a very smooth paper. I was wondering what the exact difference would be if I would duplicate a leaf on a different type of paper.  I made two videos about colouring a green leaf in my Enchanted Forest copy and on sketching paper. I started with colouring in Enchanted Forest.
I used 10 different colours, all Faber Castell Polychromos:

168 Earth Green Yellowish 167 Permanent Green Olive 158 Deep Cobalt Green 184 Dark Naples Ochre 266 Permanent Green 165 Juniper Green 171 Light Green 112 Leaf Green 267 Pine Green 157 Dark Indigo
In the videos I use the pencils in the same order as in the listed here.

I find it really interesting to colour the same leaf on two different types of paper.
The smoother the paper, the more difficult it is to layer and blend. You need a really light touch to blend and layer on smooth paper. In the first video you can see that.

In the second video I'm using sketching paper. This is a cheap paper. It i…