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Johanna's Christmas - The first page - Colouring Holly and Ivy

Johanna's Christmas is a lovely festive colouring book!
I am currently colouring the very first page of the book. Here is a video about how I colour holly and ivy.
I want to wish you all a very merry christmas!

Review - National Geographic's colouring book Magnificent Animals


Staedtler Metallic Markers in Johanna's Christmas - a review


Johanna's Christmas - A first impression and flip through

Yesterday Johanna Basford sent me a copy of her Christmas colouring book, Johanna's Christmas. So I made a video with my first impression and a complete flip through.  Enjoy!

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Watercolour Joy! - Painterly Days

I recently received Painterly Days as a gift from a very nice lady. And what a joy this book turns out to be! I would never have bought it myself and I am so grateful that it was sent to me. This book helps me to improve my watercolour skills so much!

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Lost Ocean

Lost Ocean is one of the beautiful colouring books Johanna Basford made and became a huge success.

The book is available via the links below:

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Vlog Episode 6 - Building background tutorial - An Arabian Night in Secret Garden

When I discovered adult colouring, the first picture that I found on the Internet was the one I call 'An Arabian Night'. After seeing more pages drawings from Johanna Basford I decided to buy Secret Garden.  So in a way this drawing is the starting point of my Passion for Pencils.

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I have been working on this page for months now. And it will take me many more months before it is finished. I decided to turn this page into a night scene. I want the background to look like night sky and give it a feeling of warmth. I am using black, dark blue and purple pencils.

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Magical Jungle, A first glimpse of Johanna Basford's new colouring book!

Johanna Basford, author of Secret Garden, Enchanted Forest and Lost Ocean, is about to launch her fourth colouring book! She has already sold 16 million copies and her new book, Magical Jungle, will be successful too. I have no doubt about that.
A couple of weeks ago I received an email from Johanna. She had decided to give her favourite 'colourists' a free copy. She picked 30 people and I am one of the lucky few! Yesterday, my copy arrived and of course I immediately started colouring. I managed to make a short video with a first impression of the book. More videos will follow!
Magical Jungle will be available in August but you can already pre-order at Amazon or There seems to be a slight difference in the book published by Penguin and the one by Ebury. I will ask Johanna if there is a difference. If so I will let you know ASAP!

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Vlog Episode 5 - The Forest Ground in Enchanted Forest

Enchanted Forest has many beautiful drawings.  One of my favourite double pages in this second colouring book by Johanna Basford is the one I call The Forest Ground.  Because my way of colouring takes a lot of time, the drawing needs a lot more colouring untill it is finished.
I started using Prismacolor Premier pencils recently and I am using them in this video too. These Prismacolor pencils are a nice addition to the Bruynzeel Design, Faber Castell Polychromos and Irojiten pencils that I already have.

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Review - Patterns in the Psalms colouring book

When I was asked to review this book "Patterns in the Psalms" the SPCK, the English organisation that published this little gem, told me they thought this colouring book with texts from the Psalms might be appealing not only to Christians but to others as well.
This book has 72 pages, with 30 psalm texts and 30 drawings. It's size is 21 x 21 x 0,8 cm / 8.2"x 8.2"x 0.3"

The paper quality is good. It is not too thin and has a sublte tooth that makes it possible to layer and blend. The ink drawings are of a very high standard, made by James Newman Gray. There are different types of drawings: mountain landscapes, animals, abstract drawings of fire, sun and moon, trees and forests, water and waves, and much more!

You can also purchase Patterns in the Psalms on the SPCK website.
The pages are single side printed, that is to say, on the back side of a drawing, the psalm corresponding to the next drawing is printed. So if you want to use markers or felt tip pens,…

The Colour Wheel - Blending paint and layering pencils

Making a colour wheel is a great way to get better acquainted with your pencils, paint, chalk, etc.
You can try new combinations. Not all yellows are the same. They all give different results when you mix them with other colours. The same goes for blues and reds.
So making several colour wheels with different colour combinations will help you to find your favourite blends.

In this video I show you the difference between blending watercolour paint and coloured pencil.
Because coloured pencils don't really blend...

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Tombow Irojiten - Vol. 1, 2 and 3

You can buy the Tombow Irojiten volumes 1, 2 and 3 via the links below.

These are the colours groups that are in the set:

Volume 1: Pale tone I
Volume 2: Vivid tone I
Volume 9: Deep tone I

Tombow Irojiten - Vol. 4, 5 and 6

You can buy the Tombow Irojiten volumes 4, 5 and 6 via the links below.

These are the colours groups that are in the set:

Volume 4: Pale tone II
Volume 5: Deep tone II
Volume 6: Light grayish tone I

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Stress Relief Coloring book - A Review

This Adult Coloring Book is a creation of Vanilla Coloring.
This book has 82 pagina's and it's size is 21,6 x 0,5 x 21,6 cm / 8.5" x 0.2 x 8.5". The size of this book is a little bit smaller than the other colouring books I have, which makes this book very suitable for taking it with you while travelling, for example.

I always take my time trying a colouring book before writing a review. And I took my time with this lovely book too. 
While colouring in this book I used mainly Faber Castell Polychromos Pencils.
The quality of the ink drawings is good. They look 'clean' with consistent ink lines. The artist created nice abstract mandalas, pages with flowers and even some with animals in it.

The animals are my favourite pages because I haven't coloured many animals and this is something new I can try.

This book is being printed by Amazon and the book looks like it has been printed with care. However, in my opinion the paper is too thin and has too little tooth to…

My Derwent Carry All Bag - How I organize my pencils, erasers, sharpener...

I recently posted this video about my Derwent Carry All Bag. After having used it for about a year now I wanted to show you how I am using it.
This video is also an addition to the review I alread published.

Take a look inside! Maybe it is the perfect pencils storage for you too!

Buy Derwent Carry All Bag on

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Tombow Irojiten - A first impression

This is a video about my first time trying Tombow Irojiten pencils! I need a lot more time with them before I will make a complete review but so far I am enjoying them a lot!
If you want to buy the set of pencils that I am using in this video, volumes 7, 8 and 9, click HERE!
Volumes 1, 2 and 3 are available HERE
Volumes 4, 5 and 6 are available HERE

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Tombow Irojiten - Vol. 7, 8 and 9

You can buy the Tombow Irojiten volumes 7,8 and 9 via the links below.

These are the colours groups that are in the set:

Volume 7: Fluorescence
Volume 8: Very pale tone
Volume 9: Dull tone

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Tutorial - How shadows shape your drawings

Adding shadows to your drawings can help your drawings to come to life.
In this tutorial I show you what you can do with two squares and a little shading.

If you want to colour along with the Tutorial - How shadows shape your drawings then you can download the free pdf by following the link below:

The PDF is A4 paper size.

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Color A Creation coloring book review

A couple of months ago I was contacted by Rose Rambo, asking to review her coloring book
Color A Creation.
Color A Creation is her very first colouring book and if you go to her Etsy shop which is called Vitruvian Art, you will find more drawings and colouring books.
Color A Creation was sent to me as a printed version but you can order it as a downloadable coloring book.
The paper of my copy of the book was too smooth to my taste but if you print your copy you could try to print on a thicker paper with some more tooth.

When I started colouring some of the drawings it became clear to me that the designs have a special quality to them that reveiles itself only when you add colour to the drawings. This is really nice.

I like the drawings with natural elements like leaves and flowers most. The graphic designs with abstract lines and shapes are not my cup of tea, though. But I am sure many people will enjoy them very much.

In my opinion Rose is an artist that is improving and developing …