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Colour Along Project for Coloured Pencil

In Spring 2017 the Colour Along Instruction Project for Coloured Pencil was launched. I made this online colouring course because many people were asking me about the colouring techniques, shading, blending, layering, colour choice, and a lot more! In this colouring course I show you everything, even the mistakes that I make and how I fix them!
You can purchase the Colour Along Project in my Etsy Shop!
In these two short video clips you can get an idea of what the colouring course offers. Of course in the instruction videos there will be no music but me explaining the colouring process!

With this Colouring Course you will learn the following: -Layering and blending with coloured pencils
-Shading techniques
-Using reference photos,
-Using real things like leaves, flowers, chestnuts, as a reference
-Choosing your colour scheme
-Using erasers in a different way
-Combining different pencil brands

This package has 12 drawings, 1 for every month of the year.
At least 4 instructional videos…