Wednesday, 30 March 2016

Color A Creation coloring book review


A couple of months ago I was contacted by Rose Rambo, asking to review her coloring book
Color A Creation.
Color A Creation is her very first colouring book and if you go to her Etsy shop which is called Vitruvian Art, you will find more drawings and colouring books.

Color A Creation was sent to me as a printed version but you can order it as a downloadable coloring book.
The paper of my copy of the book was too smooth to my taste but if you print your copy you could try to print on a thicker paper with some more tooth.

When I started colouring some of the drawings it became clear to me that the designs have a special quality to them that reveiles itself only when you add colour to the drawings. This is really nice.

I like the drawings with natural elements like leaves and flowers most. The graphic designs with abstract lines and shapes are not my cup of tea, though. But I am sure many people will enjoy them very much.

In my opinion Rose is an artist that is improving and developing her skills rapidly.
Rose's later work, her colouring book about humming birds is my favourite, show this improvement.


  • The designs leave a lot of freedom for the 'colourist'. Especially the abstract designs allow you to use any colour you want. 
  • There is an element of 'surprise' once you add colour to the drawings. For example, the design below shows some flowers and text. But as soon as colour is being added, the drawing really comes to life. This gives a great boost to your creativity. 


  • I like colouring pages when they look 'clean'. So the ink lines must be consistent, the scan and print quality needs to be good. In this colouring book I think there are too many 'messy' ink lines and dots because the scan quality wasn't that great. But if you look at Roses later work these problems seem to be taken care of.


Rose Rambo seems to be an artist with great creativity. Go visit Rose Rambo's website or her Etsy shop and take a look at her work and give it a try!
My favourite book is the one with the humming birds.

Printing paper is never great for colouring, unless you want to use Promarkers or something like that. So see if your printer takes a lighter sketching paper that has a some tooth.


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