Wednesday, 13 July 2016

Vlog Episode 6 - Building background tutorial - An Arabian Night in Secret Garden


When I discovered adult colouring, the first picture that I found on the Internet was the one I call 'An Arabian Night'.
After seeing more pages drawings from Johanna Basford I decided to buy Secret Garden. 
So in a way this drawing is the starting point of my Passion for Pencils.


I have been working on this page for months now. And it will take me many more months before it is finished. I decided to turn this page into a night scene. I want the background to look like night sky and give it a feeling of warmth. I am using black, dark blue and purple pencils.

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  1. Just wanted to thank you so much for teaching your technique of coloring. I have tried your method and really enjoy the results. You have taught me much patience and my backgrounds are looking smoother and more complex as a result. Also, seeing the close up, I had not realized there was so much tooth on that paper! Again, thank you, I love your videos.

  2. I have been watching and learning so much from your videos since I discovered them a few months ago. It is so wonderful to watch you and hear you express your love for coloring with pencils as you so generously pass on your knowledge. I have never worked with colored pencils before and thanks to what I have learned from you I have begun to color with joy. I heard you mention the Marco Renoir pencils and I have heard and read the same things you mentioned. I recently bought a set of these pencils and if you are interested I would be pleased to tell you what I know. I tried to send you a message about this before but I do not think I did it the correct way. Please let me know if you are interested. I see I must reply as anonymous since I do not belong to any of the other choices listed for profiles. Again I express my admiration and what a pleasure it is to see your beautiful work.


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