Thursday, 16 July 2015

Nature's little treasures in aquarel

Besides coloured pencil I also love painting with aquarel paint.
I don't paint as often as I colour with pencils but I do it on a regular basis.

I love taking my little aquarel set with me when I'm on vacation and sketch and paint a little after finding little treasures in nature.

I'm using Winsor & Newton Cotman paint. It is a watercolour paint of pretty good quality and it is affordable. This paint is not a professional quality but it is good enough for me. The colours are vibrant and strong.


Cotman paint is available in both small pans and tubes.
I bought tubes but pans work very well too.

I always start with a sketch. I use a 2H graphite pencil for sketching.
Then I mix the paints to get the right colours and then I use very little paint to colour the sketch.
Most of the time I use a very small red sable brush and a small filbert brush. I have larger brushes but I like the little ones more.

A couple of years ago I also started to paint my nieces and nephews with watercolour paint. My parents now have a small painting of every grand-child in their home.
Here are four of my nephews and nieces:

I'm planning on making a video about painting children's portraits like these ones. It is not that difficult and I think with a little video as a tutorial you can do it too!

My favourite watercolour paper is Hahnemühle Quattro. The paper has a fine structure that I just absolutely love! It is quite expensive, though. But I don't care, the paper is such a joy to paint on!
I also have other types of very nice paper but the Hahnemühle series really stand out. 



  1. Do you think you could use these kinds of watercolors inside of Johanna Basford's coloring books?

    1. The paper in my Secret Garden copy is pretty thin, so I won't try it there. However, if the paper in your copy is thicker, you can try it. As long as you do not use a lot of water, it might work. I tried it in my Enchanted Forest copy but the paper is very smooth which is not optimal for aquarel paint. It didn't give me the results I was looking for.


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