Monday, 13 July 2015

Colouring Secret Garden - Approaching thunderstorm on a summer's afternoon

My parents have a large garden, at least for Dutch standards. When I was still living with my parents, there were two giant poplar trees standing in the back of the garden.
When a thunderstorm was approaching the leaves of the trees seemed glowing with colour against the dark clouds of the storm. It was so beautiful! Unfortunately one of the trees has been taken down by a neighbour who was afraid that the tree would fall down in a storm. So my parents agreed to have it removed. The other one is still standing strong!

A couple of weeks ago we had many thunderstorms in The Netherlands and I was able to make a picture with vibrant leaves on a tree and a beautiful dark coloured sky:

This picture was the start of another page in Secret Garden.
This is the page so far.
I have started to give the sky some colour. I want to give the leaves vibrant colours, mostly yellows and greens.

I build colour like I'm used too: layering a lot of colours on top of each other. I feel so joyful when I'm colouring! Really, if you liked colouring as a child you will love these beautiful books made by Johanna Basford!

You can order Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest in one of our webshops:

Here is a close-up of some leaves. I'm currently colouring the soil around the leaves. 

Both the lea ves and the soil are build by several colours. For the leaves I started with a light yellow and than added different shades of green.
The soil has several shades of brown and a little blue.

I can't wait to continue colouring this one. But I'm switching between both pages in Secret Garden and Enchanted Forest. So I cannot tell you yet when this Thunderstorm will be finished, 

I'm colouring this page with my beloved Bruynzeel Design Pencils.


Happy colouring!

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