Thursday, 2 July 2015

Illustrating with coloured pencils

As you may know, I work as a voice teacher. I have my own studio at home where I teach students about breathing and singing techniques. Besides my work with the students I also have a website about vocal technique and I wrote an e-book about singing.

Because I'm rewriting this e-book and my website is having a make-over I decided to draw my own pictures for both the book and the website.
I already have everything it takes to make nice pictures: paper, pens and pencils!

Before I started working as a vocal coach, I worked as a architectural engineer. As you may know, architects use a lot of tracing paper and I still have a lot of the stuff from the time I worked with it.

In this case, tracing paper is very handy because it will take some sketching and tracing to make the drawings look good enough.
I also use a lot of reference pictures because I wouldn't be able to draw parts of the human body by heart and in the right proportions.

Here is a video about the proceure of drawing these pictures.

The next few weeks I will draw a lot if these illustrations!
If you are interested in vocal technique, take a look at

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