Thursday, 9 July 2015

Enchanted Forest, the first page, part 2

In april of this year I continued colouring the first page of Enchanted Forest during a trip to the UK.
I sing in a chamber choir and we went to Chichester to perform in the beautiful Chichester Cathedral. 
We went by bus/coach and in the hours driving I sat with my colouring book and enjoyed many happy hours of colouring!

The next few months I coloured this drawing mainly before bedtime. But there are other pages in Johanna Basford's books I've been colouring as well. So progress was slow...


I have now come to the point that the fun is really going to begin!
The first layers of colour I put on a colouring page are just to give me an idea which way I want to go.
The next stage is to add some shading to the drawing and to think about cooler and warmer tones.
As you may know, cooler tones will make your brain think they are more in the back ground of a drawing and warmer tones will appear to be closer to you.
By playing with this you can suggest depth in your drawings. The stage I am in now is the game of warm and cool and light and dark.
This is the stage where a drawing comes alive! Give it a try and see what you can do with your drawings!

Blue is a cool colour. Add some blue to areas in your background and you will see the difference. Be careful though, layer gently, you can always add some more, but toning it down can be difficult.
I also use the cool versus the warm tones to make contrast.

For example, look at the picture below.
The small leaves in front of the tree trunk have yellow and orange colours. The leaves of the plant that is climbing up the tree have more blue in their green colour.
I will give the yellow/orange leaves some more greens but I will make sure there will be a warm tone in them in order to let them pop out the drawing.
In this close up you can also see that more contrast needs to be added. I will add more dark tones to certain areas and I will also play some more with the cool and warm tones.

A drawing needs contrast, so there must be light coloured areas and darker ones to make it an interesting drawing.
Famous TV painter Bob Ross' quote "every highlight needs a shadow" is very true!

Here is a video in which a colour the tree trunks and the plant that is climbing up the tree.
I'm colouring this page with my Bruynzeel Design Pencils. You can find them in the webshops.

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