Saturday, 7 March 2015

Review Derwent Carry All Bag

You can purchase the Carry All Bag via one of the affiliate links below. 


Until last year I always carried my art supplies in their original cases or put them in a bag. But it was not very handy.
I recently stumbled upon the Derwent Carry All Bag and purchased one.
I've been using it for a couple of months now and I'd like to tell you what I think of it.

I bought my Derwent Carry All Bag in The Netherlands, price was E21,50 (euros) in a local art store.

The Carry All has three leaves with elastic band to hold your pens, pencils, or brushes. Each leave can store 44 pens, however, using the slot closest to the ringbinder might damage your pen/pencil because it will come into contact with the ring binder once the bag is closed. I only put one pen/pencil in this slot closest to the ring binder.

You can buy extra leaves if you wish to store more pencils. I might do that in the future.

The Carry All Bag comes in one colour: light brown canvas with a dark brown trim.
There is a mesh pocket in the bag with a zipper. I put pencil sharpeners, erasers, scissors and much more in it.
I would have like this pocket to have several smaller compartments.

There is also an elastic band in the bag where you can store a small sketchbook.
The bag has a detachable shoulder strap and one external pocket.

So far I really like this bag, I use it almost every day and I will buy some extra leaves in the future.
This is what I have currently stored in my Derwent Carry All Bag:

Bruynzeel Design Coloured Pencils
Derwent Pastel Pencils
Graphite Pencils
Staedtler Fineliners
Pencil sharpeners
Derwent Water Brush
Drafting Triangle

Conclusion Derwent Carry All Bag:

Room for over 132 pencils, pens, brushes, etc.
You can buy extra leaves to carry even more pencils.
Comfortable size of the bag: not too small, not too large

The bag comes in only one colour, but that is no issue for me.
The mesh pocket with the zipper clutters up: I would have liked to have several smaller pockets to organize erasers, sharpeners, etc.

I like this bag a lot and would definitely buy it again!
If you want to purchase this bag, take a good look at the price. Amazon USA offers this bag for $34.96, Amazon Germany is cheaper: E23,53 and Amazon UK offers the bag for £14.99.


  1. Thanks for the excellent review, having just purchased a 120 set of the Faber-Castell Watercolour pencils in Amazon's Boxing Day sale for half price I thought I would treat myself to this bag as well. (May as well really push the boat out!) So I was delighted to read what you have to say about it and see your excellent photos as now I feel I will be delighted with it, Thank you and Happy New Year :-)

  2. I love your you tube video about the carry all. I bought one today on eBay for $23!! Can't wait till it comes in the mail!😃


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