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Review Bruynzeel Super Sixties coloured pencils

Do you need the most expensive pencils to have good results? Absolutely not!
Although better pencils give you more options for your art work, you can do beautiful things with less expensive pencils.

Here is an example of what you can do with a type of pencil that is less expensive than the professional ones.

My 12 year old niece has loved drawing and painting since she was a very little girl. Because she is really talented her parents gave her good quality art supplies, such as Derwent Coloursoft Pencils.
About a year ago, her brother, now 10 years old, started to join our drawing sessions and he wanted coloured pencils too. He likes colouring but not as much as is sister so his mother went searching for a set of pencils that are not too expensive but are pretty good quality. 

Bruynzeel (Bruynzeel-Sakura) is a company with its origin in The Netherlands. They have a wide range of drawing supplies for both children, adults and professional artists.

Bruynzeel Super Sixties is a set of coloured pencils with 44 coloured pencils and 12 metallic pencils, 2 graphite pencils, an eraser and a pencil sharpener.
So there are not 60 pencils in this set, but 58.

For this review, I tested the coloured pencils. I haven't used the metallic pencils yet.

This box has a red beetle car on it, but there are also sets with flowers on the metal tin set.
The coloured pencil leads are harder than the Bruynzeel Design pencils I own, but the colour comes of pretty easily although it is not as much as the professional brands. Also the burnishing process starts early because there is not as much pigment in the pencils as professional pencils have.

You can also layer and blend with these pencils. This works best if you colour gently. Don't push if you want to add several layers.

Here is a quick example:

I started with colouring the leaves with a yellow pencil. With gentle strokes I coloured the leaves. As you can see, there is white paper shining through the colour. You can also still see the texture of the paper. This is important, because paper with texture will be able to handle layering much better than paper that as been 'burnished' by pushing the coloured pencil harder on the paper.

 The second layer is a light green. As you can see you can vary a little with the amount of colour you want to put on top of the first layer.

For the flower I used three different colours of pink and purple.
I started with gentle layering. There is still a lot of white paper visible.

In the centre of the flower, I already started to push a little harder because eventually I want the paper to be completely covered with colour.

The drawing is far from finished, And I'm planning on finishing it as soon as possible.
But these pencils aren't mine, they belong to my nephew.
Next weekend is Easter Weekend in The Netherlands and I will see my family again. I'm pretty sure my nephew will bring his coloured pencils and I'll ask him if I can finish this drwaing with his pencils.

Conclusion Bruynzeel Super Sixties coloured pencils:

A good quality pencil for both children and adults for a very reasonable price.
The range of colours covers the whole spectrum. There is a beautiful lilac pencil in this set. I wish it were in my Bruynzeel Design set!

When you open the box, the smaller one of the two plastics where the pencils are placed in is on top of the larger one, so you need to move it in order to use the pencils below. This can be tricky because these plastic sheets are quite weak.

The metal box is not very sturdy. It might open unexpectedly so beware of that!

I wouldn't buy these pencils for myself but they are very suitable as a starter kit for children and adults who want to explore the world of coloured pencil.

Unfortunately these pencils are not available at Amazon but
You can buy the Bruynzeel Super Sixties at


  1. I do not understand how to go about buying these pencils. I am from the USA.

  2. I've contacted Bruynzeel with your question and to see whether they can become easier available outside The Netherlands. I'll let you know as soon as Bruynzeel has contacted me!

  3. Hi. I have the same super 60 box. Thanks for the advice, I was pressing too hard on them. Anyway I've abandoned these pencils because I felt them scratchy and too waxy. I've kept the box though and put the Maped color pops in it - 48 crayons but the set of 12 double ended is enough for basic colouring too. They're in the same price category but the colour comes off easier, they're softer without the lead braking and in general they make my colouring experience better.

    1. Thanks for your comment! I do not know the Maped color pencils, haven't seen them in The Netherlands yet. But I'm sure others will benefit from your experience with both the Super Sixties pencils and the Maped pencils!

    2. Hi... which one are you refering to as better, Maped or Bruyns? Your response is highly regarded.. thank you,,

    3. Hi... which one are you refering to as better, Maped or Bruyns? Your response is highly regarded.. thank you,,


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