Monday, 23 March 2015

My Secret Garden colouring book, part 5

Yesterday, my husband and I came back from a wonderful weekend in the woods. We hiked, enjoyed the sunny weather, saw a lot of wildlife and of course, I had Johanna Basford's colouring book My Secret Garden with me!
I've been working on my favourite page in the book which I call 'The Secret Door'.
I still needed to work a little on the background and the leaves.

While colouring the last few days, I noticed the paper beginning to deteriorate.
Because I put so many layers of colour on top of each other, the paper started to disintegrate.
Small peaces of paper come off when I put some extra colour on the paper.
It was a clear sign that this drawing was about to be finished!

In these final stages I worked on the leaves. I layered the large brownish leaves with a little green to push them a little more to the background. I added some extra detail to some smaller leaves and decided the colours for the leaves I hadn't coloured yet.

I also added some more colour to the background so the door would pop out a little bit more.

I started this drawing in december 2014, and I ended it now, the end of march 2015. So it took me more than three months of very happy colouring to get to this point.Instead of watching stupid tv programs and taking my tablet to my bedroom and not be able to sleep after using the bloody thing, I now had my colouring book and pencils, even in bed! A little colouring before sleeping works very well for me. From now on, there will always be a colouring book on my nightstand!

If you want to be able to colour like this, buy a set of decent, good quality pencils and just start colouring.You don't need 100 different colours or more...Although the cases with this many pencils look absolutely beautiful you will not use them all.My Bruynzeel Design pencil set has 100 different colours but it turns out there are about 30 colours I do not use because these colours are almost identical to other colours in the set.

Amazon only sells a Bruynzeel set of 24 pencils:

If you want to purchase the set with 48 pencils you can buy at via the link below:

I wanted to bring this page to life, I was wondering what was behind this beautiful door, and it reminded me of the book 'The Secret Garden'. For me, behind this door is a secret garden,
with a well in next project to finish.

If you want to purchase Johanna Basford's Secret Garden, you can use one of the affiliate links below:



  1. Love the secret door. You really brought this page to life. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I absolutely adore your work! So inspiring. Hadn't realised it had taken you so long to complete it all, though I guessed it must be ages with the amount of love and care you put into it. So worth it! Picking up so many useful hints and tips from you, thank you ever so much!

  3. Hello, Here it is my version...
    do you like it?


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