Sunday, 8 February 2015

My Secret Garden colouring book, part 3

The last few weeks I have enjoyed many hours of happy colouring!
I'm taking my time with Johanna Basford's colouring book so I've finished only one page yet!
The 'Door to The Secret Garden' in Johanna Basford's colouring book is one of my favourite pages.
I waited a while continuing colouring this page because I didn't have the inspiration, I wasn't sure how I wanted to continue the drawing, which colours I wanted to use, etc.

When I first started colouring this page I began with the door.
Many artists may tell you it is better to colour the background first but I just couldn't resist colouring that beautiful door! I also shaded the stones and some areas in the door.

Then I started adding colour to the background. I layered, browns, blues, greys, greens and a little red in the background. It took me many hours and I'm not finished yet. 

I waited a while before I started colouring the many leaves in this drawing. I knew I needed more colour than just greens but I didn't have the guts to try something.

This afternoon I sat in my craft room for a while, the sun was shining through the windows on my desk. I just had a very joyful hour of colouring while listening to an audio book.
I'm currently colouring some of the leaves with yellows, browns and reds.
I try to colour with as little pressure as possible. When I push the pencil too hard I won't be able to add the many layers I like to put on top of each other. Erasing some colour is also much easier when you colour with a light touch.

It becomes very clear that, however I like the door the way it is, it needs some extra layers. It looks a bit dull right now. The picture may not show that but it is.
So once I've finished the leaves I will add some more colour to the door.

If you want to purchase Johanna Basford's Secret Garden, you can use one of the affiliate links below:


A couple of days ago I bought a new pencil sharpener. It is astonishing how much easier it is to draw and colour with a pencil that is really sharp! 
So I bought some extra sharpeners. No more blunt pencils for me!

And this is the result so far:

To be continued...


  1. I would love to buy this coloring book, but when I go to the page, I can't understand what it wants. It's not written in English.

    1. Use the image on the far left, the image that has the price in $, if you're in the USA. If you can't get it to work still, just go to amazon (or whatever site you want) and type the name of the book in the search bar. (I tried using the amazon link, and it said (in English) something like confirm that you want this put in your amazon cart). The only difference between clicking from this site to amazon and just going to amazon in your browser is that, from this site, she gets a small percentage of the cost of what you buy back from amazon-but it DOES NOT cost you any extra-it is kind of a nice, easy, no cost to you, way of supporting the site. Hope you can understand what I've written! =)

  2. What kind of pencil sharpener do you use please. Thank you


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