Friday, 9 January 2015

My Secret Garden Colouring book, part 2

A couple of days ago a found Johanna Basford's Facebookpage. Many people send her pictures of their colouring book and Johanna posts the pictures on her Facebookpage.

Look at this one, beautiful colouring! Go to Johanna Basford's Facebookpage to take a better look at this drawing and many others.

I'm currently working on the page with the well.
I imagine it is a warm summer afternoon, the sun is shining and the well is situated in a shady spot surrounded by plants and flowers. In the background you will see a sunny blue sky and the impression that there is a sunny area in the garden behind the well.

So far I've used yellows, light greens and blues in the background.
I'm adding many layers of colour on top of each other. I also decide where the light comes from and then I shade some areas. I use blue to shade in this fase.
The first layers of colour on the stones which form the well are light greys, blues and browns. As you can see, I use a 'sketchy' style of loosely colouring the first layers.

Phase 1


In the second phase, I add more colour and make the shaded areas a little darker.
In this phase I start using Paynes Grey. I find that colour very useful when it comes to shading and colouring stones and wood.

Phase 2 (sorry for the bad quality of this pic!)

The next phase is to add more colour to the background. Cobalt blue is one of my favourite colours to colour the sky, but there are also lighter blues and darker blues used.


Colouring is really very relaxing and fun. I'm currently using my Bruynzeel Design Pencils, but I'm secretly dreaming about buying another set of pencils, like Faber Castell Polychromos or Caran D'Ache Pablo.
Johanna Basford has already made a second colouring book and she is currently working on a third. As soon as I finished My Secret Garden, I'll buy the second book: Enchanted Forest.

To be continued!


  1. My Well...
    Best regards from Barcelona! :-)

  2. Hey! I have a question... do you recommend those pencils? (Bruynzeel)

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